Tokimec's Marine Systems Division Offers Wide Range Of Navigation Equipment

Tokimec is the new name for Tokyo Keiki, a leading Japanese company in composite sensing technology. For almost a century the marine systems division of Tokimec has developed new and innovative products for commercial, luxury, leisure and fishing craft.


Raytheon Announces New Handheld VHF Radiotelephone

Raytheon has announced its new JRC JHS-7 hand-held VHF radiotelephone which provides communication between survival craft and nearby vessels through the use of up to 13 channels. The radiotelephone is designed for short range communications with a minimal battery power consumption.

Alden Electronics Introduces New Navtex AE-900 Receiver And Faxmate II Weather Chart Recorder

Alden Electronics, Inc. recently introduced their new Navtex AE- 900 receiver and the Alden Faxmate II Weather Chart Recorder. The AE-900 automatically receives all navigational notices, weather warnings, and search and rescue messages as required


Ranging from a small, maneuverable coastal and inland multi-mission environmental boat to a large new generation deepwater supply vessel, this year's top ten workboats built by second-tier U.S. and Canadian shipyards represent a wide range of hull styles,

Uniflite Inc. Names Hill Vice President

Alva M. (Al) Hill has been appointed vice president-marketing of Uniflite, Inc., according to John L. Thomas, chairman of the board and president of the fireretardant fiberglass yacht manufacturer headquartered at Bellingham, Wash. 98225. Mr.

Litton's ECDIS Products Are N o w Compatible With C-MAP's ECs

Litton Marine Systems' (LMS) Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) are now compatible with C-MAP's CM-93 Edition 3 electronic worldwide chart database. Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and ECDIS systems now support C-MAP's CM-93/3 electronic chart database,

New Gems Flow Switches Designed For Heavy D u t y - Literature Available

The FS-200 M SB Series flow switches from Gems Sensors Division, P l a i n v i l l e , Conn., have been designed to provide accurate flow detection for marine applications requiring rugged duty, dependability, and high repeatability. They are

Lockheed To Build Prototype Vehicles To*' Destroy Naval Mines

Lockheed of Sunnyvale, Calif., announced recently that it will build and test six prototype, lowcost underwater vehicles that can be launched from helicopters to destroy enemy naval mines. The battery-powered, wireguided vehicle, dubbed the Lowcost Expendable Neutralization System (LENS),

Publish Radiotelephone Handbook For Mariners

A new 104-page handbook to aid in the proper use of marine radiotelephones has been published by the Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services. E n t i t l e d "Marine Radiotelephone Users Handbook," the easyto- understand book was produced primarily

Sperry Introduces New Doppler Navigation Sonar —Literature Available

The Sperry Division of Sperry Corporation has announced the development of a new doppler navigation sonar system which will give scientific and commercial marine vessels the ability to know their position continuously with errors measured only in feet, according to the company.

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